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Madrid Startup Community Forum (MSC) aims to "Developing the entrepreneurial and innovative capacity to its maximum potential, particularly in its technological-digital aspect, structuring the diverse agents and its Ecosystem in an open, impartial and transparent manner, and placing particular emphasis on those aspects related to the development of Equal Opportunities Policies".

We are building the next generation of startup women leaders in tech.



Madrid Startup Community seeks to establish itself in the "Referent, Integrator, Coordinator and Developer of the Startup Ecosystem of Madrid", and turn Madrid into a desired destination for agents of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and international entrepreneurs movements. To transfer entreprenerial values to Corporations and Boards.


International Advisory Board

  • Nina Brandt

    Nina Brandt

    United Nations


  • Isabelle Hoyer

    Isabelle Hoyer

    PANDA Co-founder | Women Leadership Contest


  • Christine Brostella

    Christine Brostella

    Treasurer and vocal

    Embassy of Panama in Spain

  • Isidro Laso

    Isidro Laso

    GM Startup


  • María Muñoz Aguirre

    María Muñoz Aguirre

    Sales Force

    Silicon Valley - USA

  • Ekaterine Maisuradze

    Ekaterine Maisuradze

    P. Chamber of Commerce Georgia & Asia - Africa


  • Johanna Harker García

    Johanna Harker García

    Open Future Wayra


  • Victoria Navazo Morrondo

    Victoria Navazo Morrondo

    Open Future Wayra


  • Margaret Chen

    Margaret Chen

    P. Club China


  • Felicia Cutas

    Felicia Cutas

    GM Connect

    European Comission

  • Mª Carmen Bernal

    Mª Carmen Bernal

    Delegate of Mexico W20


  • Christina Gerakiteys

    Christina Gerakiteys

    Utopiax CEO


  • Amritaa Sekhon

    Amritaa Sekhon

    Founder & CEO Black Sheep White Flock


  • Laura Hochla

    Laura Hochla

    US Embassy

  • Enya Seguin

    Enya Seguin

    Co-founder & CEO YAPILI


  • Natalia Sánchez Herrera

    Natalia Sánchez Herrera

    Founder & Managing Partner KILI PARTNERS


  • Antonia Verna

    Antonia Verna

    Partner Portolano Cavallo Studio Legale


Advisory Board

  • Emilio Corchado

    Emilio Corchado

    StartupOLÉ CEO


  • Amparo de San José

    Amparo de San José

    IESE Business Angel Club


  • Blanca Drake

    Blanca Drake

    Open Future Wayra


  • Ana Segurado

    Ana Segurado

    Open Future Wayra


  • María Parga

    María Parga

    GM Madrid Stock Markets


  • Cristina Aranda

    Cristina Aranda

    Founder Mujeres Tech


  • Montserrat Guardia Güell

    Montserrat Guardia Güell

    Digital Challenge & Emerging Technologies Director Banco Sabadell


  • Alberto G. Toribio

    Alberto G. Toribio

    Innovation & Blockchain Bankia


  • Nuria Ávalo

    Nuria Ávalo



  • Paloma del Val

    Paloma del Val

    Member CEOE


  • Antonio Brusola

    Antonio Brusola

    P. Housers


  • Ismael Arribas

    Ismael Arribas

    Global Entrepreneur


  • Sandra Alfonso

    Sandra Alfonso

    Head of Digital Market Transformation Endesa


  • Conchita Galdón

    Conchita Galdón

    Director and Academic Lead of Social Innovation in IE

  • Yanire Braña

    Yanire Braña

    Executive Director at MET Community

  • Aurelio García de Sola y Arriaga

    Aurelio García de Sola y Arriaga

    Founder of The Heroes Club

  • Carmen Chicharro

    Carmen Chicharro

    Director of innovation and marketing of Metrovacesa

  • Nerea Luis

    Expert on Technology, Talent and Gender at Cotec foundation for innovation

Spanish Ambassadors

  • Isabel Córdova

    Isabel Córdova Samaniego

  • Sofía Fernández

    Sofía Fernández

  • Paz Gómez Ferrer

    Paz Gómez Ferrer

  • Elena Ibáñez

    Elena Ibáñez

    Blockchain entrepreneur

  • Arancha Riestra

    Arancha Riestra

    Co-founder & Ecosystem Director GO Madrid

The objective of the Advisory Board is to serve as a strategic reference for the Foundation (and the Ecosystem itself and its respective Agents).

  • Observatory

    Its objective is to detect innovations, trends and evolutions, both technological and legal or market, that may be occurring in the world and of which the Ecosystem of Madrid (and of Spain in general) needs to be aware.

  • Think Tank

    TankThis aims to anticipate innovations, trends and evolutions, both technological and legal or market, in order to offer a competitive advantage to the Ecosystem of Madrid (and Spain in general).

  • Public affairs (National and European)

    Aims to enforce the interests of the Ecosystem of Madrid (and of Spain in general) before the Spanish and European AAPPs.

The Advisory Board works under a scheme of Work Committees, which are built around those Areas of Interest for the Startup Ecosystem of Madrid (and Spain in general). These Working Committees are usually led by a tractor element, which is designated by its institutional weight. Around this tractor element are articulated, under schemes of collaborative work, other Agents of the Ecosystem related to the Scope of Interest in question. As results of the various Working Committees of the Advisory Board, the following can be mentioned:

  • Development of Strategic Plans Actuation

    for the Ecosystem of Madrid (and of Spain in general) and for the various Sectors represented in it.

  • Development of White Papers

    — On good sector practices, of other Ecosystems, etc.
    — More (to be developed together with the various associations: sectorial, partners, etc.


With the Collaboration of

  • Repsol
  • Deloitte
  • Fujitsu
  • Oracle
  • Yoigo
  • Acute and Creative
  • Startup Europe

With the Support of

  • European Comission